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Hey, I am George Bibilashvili, full stack web developer from Georgia, For the past 8 years, I've been building server-side applications (API), client-side webs, developing application databases, for businesses. I've done this as an employee, and a freelancer. I've also worked on some super-secret projects and big brands. I'd tell you, but then I'd have to kill you :D

Skills I am good at:
React Native / React / Laravel / Node / Redux / GraphQL

During these years I launched many interesting projects in the Georgian market mostly in eCommerce and cryptocurrency world. If you want to build a business online we can have a word, just schedule time with me.

I do it because it's fun and, apparently, I'm pretty good at it.

If you are intersted how my day looks like, just continue scrolling ...

4:00 AM ?

Yes... 4:00 AM, exactly at this time... my day starts before the day starts... every morning, the same sound wakes me up...

The alarm clock has a terrible sound, I wake up and go to my morning coffee, it's all going out at 4:00 AM. Then I go with the coffee at my computer and preparing to start my morning working session.

Why 4:00 AM?
This is the best part of day when I can find the most productive labor. Nobody is around me at this time, nobody interrupts me, I have done so much work from 4:00 AM to 11:00 AM that a lot of people cant during the day time. from 11:30 AM I am going to the office where I am dealing with emails, have another coding session, have some meetings and a bunch of other interesting stuff. At 7:00 PM I am at home with my family and 9:00 PM is bedtime.

Family time, just continue scrolling ...

Family Time

Nowadays it is the most difficult to combine family and job. You always fight with yourself to find a great balance between family and job.

I have a wonderful wife and a wonderful 4 years daughter. I feel really really happy in my life. Because I am very busy in my daily routine I have just few hours to spent with my family from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM, But these few hours are very interesting and productive for me and my girl... I turn of my smartphone and spent all of my time with her, we are playing together some fun games... The only words that can makes me stop working are: "Dad can you play with me?", These magic words make very sense...

Play with me, we can make the world better place.


Ecommerce Software: Laravel, React.js, Next.js, Node.js, Nginx, Mongodb, REST, SOAP, Payment-gateway-integration, Mysql, PHP

UniPAY offers universal payment system in Georgia. We launched this project a few years ago for the Georgian market and now I am handling more than 500K users and more than 100 transactions per second. I built and optimized this application with PHP and NODEJS microservices that uses MYSQL database, Front stuff is built with REACT.JS.

The system comes also with a mobile applications: Google Play Store and App Store

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Social Network: REDUX, postgresql,, react.js, node.js, Ruby on rails

Great startup with great guys, we spent over year to develope this application My role was Fullstack web developer, working on:

React Native / React.js / Ruby On Rails / PostgreSQL.

Our brand is our promise to our customers. We believe that introductions are life changing. Introductions are the bridges between 2 people. Connectors build bridges that change lives.

Our product is the primary medium for how we solve problems for Connectors. Our success is measured in successful outcomes for Connectors.

Want to build your own startup? you are at right place ;)

Unfortunately application is dead

Ecommerce Software: REDUX, postgresql,, react.js, node.js, laravel-framework, php

This website is also for the Georgian market. We launched this project just a two months ago and already have more 30K users. this is a digital cryptocurrency wallet. you can buy, sell or transfer any kind of cryptocurrencies here, like Bitcoin, LiteCoin, DogeCoin, Xrp, Etherium etc. The technologies I decided to use on this project are NODEJS, REACTJS, REDUX, MYSQL it works great using real-time data using WEB SOCKETS..

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Railway Tickets

Web Development: mysql-programming, react-native, node.js, laravel-framework, php

Next successful project is ... "matarebeli" means "Train" in the Georgian so as you guess you can buy some Georgian railway tickets here. if you ever come to Georgia you probably need to buy railway tickets on my website. I am using PHP, REACT NATIVE, MYSQL to give the life to this application :) The system comes also with a mobile applications: Google Play Store and App Store

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.GE Domains


This web application is also for the Georgian market. We launched this project just a few months ago and now this is one best registrator in Georgia with more than 20K domains and users. You can buy and manage .ge domains, apply some name servers and you have all the tools to make your domain up and running.

We decided to use for this application next.js for the front end stuff. because of we needed to make our application SEO friendly, The easiest solution we found was next.js with server-side rendering feature. It works great with LARAVEL API backend and NODEJS microservices.

Spotify Premium


This is simple web application, built on top of LARAVEL.

How does it work?
Purchase 1, 3, 6 month or 1 year Spotify premium subscription from our web-page Get a personal Spotify Premium account usable anywhere in the world.

Get discount when purchasing at least the 3-month subscription.


Unfortunately application is dead

Web Development: LARAVEL, PHP, MYSQL, VUE

This is simple ecommerce web application, built on top of LARAVEL and VUE.JS.

This application no more operates on Georgian market, it was a simple eCommerce solution to buy cinema tickets online, was very UI/UX friendly app but unfortunately, it was not a successful application. So just a few months ago this went down... :(

BTI Translation

Intranet Application (Access Forbiden)

Web Development: LARAVEL, PHP, MYSQL, VUE

This is simple web application, built on top of LARAVEL and VUE.JS.

This application runs for France video translation company "BTI", That operates in media for more than 15 years. This is an intranet application for company managers to manage translation tasks, manage video timing and history of translated videos, they are able to test each other translated videos, make some comments on them, have some chatting and if everything goes okay they validating videos.

This application helps employees to more easily manage their time, and be more productive.


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