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Social Network: React Native, React.js, Laravel

The Job Worx app is the the quickest and most efficient way for job seekers to discover and apply to career opportunities with our premier clients. Browse the latest and most relevant creative, technology, and administrative positions right from your phone. Notifications instantaneously alert you to immediate new jobs that open in your field of interest as well as allow you to track your application status in real time. Stay a step ahead of the competition by joining the fastest growing network in cutting-edge staffing.

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Social Network: React Native, React.js, GraphQL/Apollo

Bloomhigh is the place to connect with like minded individuals, outside the box thinkers and the ambitious drivers of change in our communities, making it possible to learn from one another, conquer new career heights, push boundaries, and get inspired by one another’s sense of passion, purpose, journey, and stories of unyielding success. Indeed, this is a new dawn in the age of professionalism.

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Social Network: React Native, React.js, Ruby on rails

Great startup with great guys, we spent over year to develope this application My role was Fullstack web developer, working on:

React Native / React.js / Ruby On Rails / PostgreSQL.

Our brand is our promise to our customers. We believe that introductions are life changing. Introductions are the bridges between 2 people. Connectors build bridges that change lives.

Our product is the primary medium for how we solve problems for Connectors. Our success is measured in successful outcomes for Connectors.

Want to build your own startup? you are at right place ;)


Application is not on App store

Medical Software: React Native, React.js, Firebase, Redux

GiTRACK is an IOS application for a doctor and patient online communication. It is built on top of React Native, Firebase and Redux.

The patient can register from the app and manage his daily diet, check for some suggestions and notify a doctor if has some problems, schedule a call with a doctor.


Application is not on App store

Case Study: React Native, React.js,, Node.js

This is simple demonstraiton app for IOS and android. The technologies I am using are the most in demand technologies at the moment!

I am using technologies such as:

React Native

All written using the newest additions from JavaScript ES7 of course!

Github repo: TaxiApp


Application is not on App store

Maps: React Native, Node.js, Firebase

StarCourse allows you to plan/book ahead multiple loads by selecting where you are now and where you want to be in a few days. Then with the help of our state-of-the-art freight search engine, we will locate a sequence of the MOST profitable loads taking into account total mileage, driving time, deadhead mileage, fuel and toll costs.

Unlike some competitor tools that limit the amount of loads per trip and don’t calculate profitability, our Load Planner returns multiple trips each consisting of one or more loads with total revenue/profitability analysis.


Gifts: React Native, Node.js, Firebase

Cryptocurrency Greeting Cards. Choose the perfect card for the occasion. Personalize it by adding a message.
Enter the value using a dollar amount. We'll convert it to cryptocurrency using the current market price.
Used only to send your Recipient a verification code.
A full refund will be sent to this address if funds are not claimed within 3 months.
Pay using your crypto wallet and bam you're done!


Intranet Application (Access Forbiden)

intranet Software: React Native, Realm Database, Laravel API, react.js, nodejs

HACCP is internal software for a food service revision in France to control their products and scedule some lean services, take some photos and etc.

The client needed a fully offline application without any internet connection. Any administrators and employees register localy on the device. So I decided to use some stable database that works great locally and I found REALM . Any information is collected in the realm database and when the device is connected to the internet user is able to back up all the data to the server. The application also has a feature to check in admin panel any backup and download and restore it on the device.

Another challenge here was I was needed some solution to read realm database files on the server. So the only way I found I make node->realm connector and using REST API I got the information to the Laravel admin panel.

Git repository for the node realm connector:


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